Html Cleaner

Extra space, extra lines, and tags can all be removed with the HTML cleaner on this page. You can use an HTML cleaner to fix a page with hard-to-read markup.

Online HTML Cleaner

It removes extraneous spaces and makes HTML code understandable and easy to read. Simply paste your HTML code into the box and select "Clean".

What should you use an HTML Cleaner?

  1. Additional space, extra lines, and tags between HTML tags can all be removed with this tool.
  2. This program allows you to load an HTML URL and convert it to pure HTML. 
  3. This program allows you to load an HTML file and clean it up. 
  4. HTML Cleaner Online is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari on Windows, MAC, and Linux.
  5. It removes superfluous spaces, tabs, and carriage returns with JavaScript code.
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